Working on behalf of our Customers, or assisting them in a co-development project, we create functional specifications, architecture and detail design documents, along with the implementation and roleout of state-of-the-art multi-tier interactive web sites.

Our in-depth knowledge of the best of breed development Methodologies and tools such as the Component Object Model (COM), Active Server Pages (ASP), DHTML, XML, Database and eCommerce give our customers the confidence that their applications will be developed properly and in a timely manner.

Three Tier provides exceptional value to its Customers by guaranteeing that the company principles are responsible for, and personally involved in, each and every project the company undertakes.

Contact Us for information on implementing your Consumer or Business-to-Business eCommerce solution.

Typically, Three Tier does development on behalf of its Customers within its own premises. We provide all the development infrastructure, providing our Customers with added development value.

Three Tier welcomes developers employed by its Customers to join our developers in any or all of the phases of the development process. This is an excellent way to do technology transfer and process mentoring. In addition, it ensures that the Customer receives an application maintainable by its own internal staff. Optionally, Three Tier is willing to do ongoing maintenance, enhancements and updates of all the applications it develops.

As an added service, we optionally host the Web sites that we develop on behalf of our customers.

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